Rubber Base Gel


CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel is an exciting hard Gel that is more liquid than traditional Gels and is applied with exceptional ease.  It is as strong as Builder Gel, but has a little more flexibility and therefore a little harder to break.

Highly versatile 6-in-1 product

   1.  Base coat for all gel products
   2.  Natural nail reinforcement/overlays
   3.  Tip extensions
   4.  Nail form sculpting
   5.  Adhesive base for FlexiPro Full Cover Tips
   6.  Gem & Deco adhesive

CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel is fast becoming SA’s bestselling Rubber Base – with plenty of good reasons: * NO bonders or primers needed – so no unnecessary dehydration of the natural nail; * Easy to apply* No chipping, lifting, peeling; * No damage to the natural nails; Contains no harmful chemicals; * Not tested on animals; * Vegan friendly; * Very cost effective because it needs no extra products to precede application; * Self-levelling soak off gel, so no filing to get rid of lumps and bumps; * Low odour

Available in a range of nude colour tones for the perfect base.

You can find out more about our Rubber Base Gels here:

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  1. NUDE French Rubber Base Gel (15ml)
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  2. PASTEL Rubber Base Gel (15ml)
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  3. French Rubber Base Gel Refill (30ml)
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  4. Full Rubber Base Starter Kit

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