CRYSTAL CLAWZ is proud to offer our stunning VELOCITY Speed Gel.  This hybrid gel is the same high quality you have come to expect from our builder gels and gel polishes.


What is a hybrid gel?

Hybrid Gels or polygels are a cross between Acrylic and Gel.  They offer the strength of an Acrylic System with the flexibility of a Gel System.

Our Velocity Speed Gel is suitable for overlays on natural nails or for full sculpting.

Easy to use:

For overlays, simply apply Crystal Clawz Base Coat or Clear Rubber Base, squeeze your tube of VELOCITY Speed Gel, scoop off the required amount and smooth onto the nail with a little sanitiser/isoprop alcohol, then cure.

For sculpting you have the option of sculpting exactly as you would with Acrylic, or you can opt for our Reverse Mold forms for an instant, smooth finish.



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  • Velocity Speed Gel - Clear (60g)

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  • Velocity Speed Gel (60g)

  • Dual Ended Gel Brush (Polygel)

  • Velocity Gel Slip Solution (100ml)

  • Velocity Speed Gel FULL Starter Kit ***FULL PRICE usually R2,065***

  • VELOCITY Speed Gel Starter Kit ***FULL PRICE normally R1,840***

  • Velocity Gel Slip Solution (50ml)

  • Velocity Speed Gel #03 (60g)

  • Velocity Speed Gel #02 (60g)

  • Velocity Speed Gel (60g) #04


10 Item(s)

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