Builder Gel - Clear

15ml Builder Gel

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15ml Builder Gel


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  1. Prepare the nails, apply tips (if using tips) and remove the shine from the tip with a buffer block.

  2. Remove all debris and dust with a dusting brush and wipe with sanitiser.

  3. Apply a very thin layer of CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel from cuticle to free edge, covering the entire nail

  4. DO NOT CURE.  By leaving a thin, wet coat, you are creating a layer that will allow the main coat to self-level more easily

  5. Apply a second layer of CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel down the centre of the nail from cuticle to free edge – thinner at the free edge and cuticle for a curved apex/arch.

  6. Allow to self-level

  7. Using a detail liner brush, spread the gel to the cuticles and sidewalls, making sure that you do not get the product on the skin or cuticles.  If this happens, clean off skin and cuticles before curing as this can cause lifting of the product.

  8. The client’s hand can be turned upside down to allow the gel to run back to the apex if it has levelled down too much.  Rubber Base Gel is much thinner than Builder Gel and more likely to run

  9. Make sure you have an even arch (apex) from the cuticle to the end of the nail, and then from side to side (the C-Curve)

  10. Cure under LED lamp for 60 seconds (approx. 3 minutes under a UV lamp)

    *HEAT SPIKE WARNING* All hard Gels (Builder and Rubber Base) will heat up as a result of the chemical reaction in the curing process.  If the client experiences a burning sensation, remove the hand from the lamp, wait a few seconds and reinsert.  This will NOT damage the nail it will only cause discomfort.  The tolerance level will differ between clients

  11. File to desired length and shape; ensuring that the end product is smooth and thin, without any bumps.  Check that you have an even arch (apex) from the cuticle to the end of the nail, and then from side to side (this is called the C-Curve).  Remember – the overlay needs to be thinner at the front and the cuticle.  The edge should be no thicker than a credit card and the cuticle area should be thin enough to blend with the natural nail.

  12. Use Buffer block and buff to smooth the surface.

  13. Remove all dust using your dusting brush and wipe nail using a lint free cotton wipe and sanitiser.

  14. Finish with desired CRYSTAL CLAWZ Top Coat, or apply colour/art before applying Top Coat

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