Large Stubby Stamper Set

Clear silicone stamper with short handle and large 38mm head

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Stamper comes with a convenient cover that protects and prolongs the life of your stamper head, keeping it clean and ready to use.

This stamper has a silicone head measuring 3.8cm, which allows you to pick up larger designs and is perfect for long nails.

Short transparent handle for maximum control to lay the design on the nail.

Included in the set is a credit card scraper measuring 6 x 4 cm, giving you the choice of two diffent size scapers.

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Before using a new stamping plate, remove the blue protective plastic by peeling it off.  Ensure that all equipment is ready before beginning, as stamping polish dries very quickly.

Ensure that any polish applied to the nail is completely dry to avoid smudging and distorting.

  1. Select an image and brush a fairly thick layer of stamping polish over approximately half of the design.

  2. Holding the scraper at a 45 degree angle, scrap the polish across the design. DO NOT press too hard, as this could result in the polish being too thin and the design uneven.

  3. Using a stamper, pick up polish by pressing down or rolling the stamper over the image on the stamping plate.

  4. Transfer the design to the nail using either a rolling motion from one side of the nail to the other or press firmly straight down.

  5. Clean stamping plates with nail polish remover immediately after and in between uses to avoid the build up of dry polish on the plates. This could affect the design. For stubborn dried polish, use pure acetone to clean.

We suggest not storing the plates directly on top of each other as this will cause scratches.

For best results and clarity, we highly  recommend the use of Stamping Polish, as it is designed for stamping. NOT ALL nail polishes work.

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