Abstracts (SL114BS)

Premium Range Water Transfers

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We have selected some stunning high quality water transfer decals for you.

Expand the art range you offer clients without the hours and techniques needed to produce it.

These simple to use decals will help you to create beautiful designs that will have your customers raving. 

You don't have to be professional nail artist, but the results will make you look like one.

Every effort has been made to try and capture the colours of all of our products as accurately as possible, but there can be variations between devices, and remember - your eyes have a lot more pixels than our camera so the true colours tend to be brighter and clearer in the flesh.


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  1. Prepare nails and apply desired polish

  2. Cut out selected design

  3. Place in water for 10-20 seconds (water should be lukewarm/room temperature)

  4. Gently slide transfer off backing sheet – do not force if it does not slide off easily, put it back into water

  5. Position on the nail

  6. Gently soak up excess water off and around the sticker

  7. Apply top coat

Suitable for use on all nail systems