Liquid Latex (15ml) - Pink

High quality peel off liquid latex pallisade for manicures and nail art


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This peel off solution gives you neat time saving and accurate results when doing your nails and is suitable for Professional and home use.

Convenient for sponging, stamping, glitter, water marble decoration and other nail polish application, any technique that makes a mess on skin around nails.

15ml bottle - goes a long way.


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  1. Apply peel off liquid to the area where you do not want nail polish.  Can be applied around the nail or using nail tools / brushes to create a design on the nail, paint the nail and peel off. Apply to your nails for art techniques, UV gel or polish gel.

  2. You do not need to apply a lot, a thin layer is adequate.

  3. Complete the polish application or nail art

  4. Peel off liquid tape