Stamping Polish #2 - Translucent White

Special stamping polish for creating stamping nail art

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This polish is specifically manufactured for use with stamping plates.

It has a thicker consistency than normal polish and dries SUPER fast.

With this stunning array of colours, there is no excuse for not letting your imagination fly.

Please note that this is a polish and not a gel.

Every effort has been made to try and capture the colours of all of our products as accurately as possible, but there can be variations between devices, and remember - your eyes have a lot more pixels than our camera so the true colours tend to be brighter and clearer in the flesh.


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Our stamping polish can be used over any nail system.

  1. Ensure that the polish for the base of the design is COMPLETELY dry
  2. Choose the section of the design on your stamping plate that you want to use and brush a fairly thick layer of the stamping polish over approximately half of the design.

  3. Holding the scraper at a 45 degree angle, scrape the polish across the design. DO NOT press too hard, as this could result in the polish being too thin and the design uneven.

  4. Using a stamper, pick up polish by pressing down or rolling the stamper over the image on the stamping plate.

  5. Transfer the design to the nail using either a rolling motion from one side of the nail to the other or press firmly straight down.

  6. Clean stamping plates with nail polish remover immediately after and in between uses to avoid the build up of dry polish on the plates. This could affect the design. For stubborn dried polish, use pure acetone to clean.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Work QUICKLY, this stuff dries incredibly fast.