Colour Change Gel Polish #125

Stunning effects with our new colour change gel polish.

Temperature sensitive colour display
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Our gel polish range has been thoroughly tested in-house and we know you're going to love them.  They're so easy to work with and a little goes a long way.
Here's what you need to know:

  • Superb quality, versatile and great value
  • Excellent coverage with a high level of pigmentation so you only need one coat
  • One coat means thinner application that ensures a natural look
  • Less product, less time, more profit
  • Easy to apply and control, does not run into cuticle area
  • Thicker viscosity and perfect self-leveling
  • Long lasting wear (up to 6 weeks) with no lifting, chipping, fading or peeling
  • Can be applied on natural nails as well as nail enhancements
  • Protects and assists with the growth of weak nails
  • Create beautiful colourful and artistic designs
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Cures in 30 seconds (LED) in 120 seconds (UV)
  • Easy soak off in 15 minutes - no buffing, so no damage to natural nails

Every effort has been made to try and capture the colours of all of our products as accurately as possible, but there can be variations between devices, and remember - your eyes have a lot more pixels than our camera so the true colours tend to be brighter and clearer in the flesh.


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Excellent Product Review by Millicent
I have many clients that want a Natural look but get bored with that Natural look and wish they had chosen something a little darker at times...personally at times I have that same issue. This color is perfect to have a Natural look in a light and dark shade. the Darker shade is like a Greyish Brown and the Lighter shade is a lovely Flesh Peach like color. So now just cool your nails down if you want one color or keep them warm if you want the other. This really is a great product that is non running which means your cuticles are safe. Applies easy and little product is needed. (Posted on 05/10/2018)

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For application over natural nails, begin by preparing the nail plate as for any nail system application before applying Crystal Clawz Gel Polish.
If applying over over nail enhancements, always ensure that the shine is removed from the nail surface before applying Crystal Clawz Gel Polish.

  1. Apply Crystal Clawz Gel Polish Base Coat and cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds and 120 seconds in UV lamp. DO NOT WIPE.

  2. Apply Crystal Clawz Gel Polish colour of your choice and cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds and 120 seconds in UV lamp. DO NOT WIPE. 

  3. Repeat the previous step for a more intense colour if desired. Crystal Clawz Gel Polish gives excellent coverage, so a second coat is not usually necessary.

  4. Finish by applying a thin coat Crystal Clawz Gel Polish 'No Wipe' Top Coat and cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds and 120 seconds in UV lamp.

We recommend the use of Crystal Clawz Gel Polish Base and Top Coats with Crystal Clawz Gel Polishes for the best possible results.